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Wealth Edge Infra solutions is a real estate advisory and consultancy firm located in Noida, offering directives for investment and research-based real estate consulting services. Wealth Edge Infra solutions as one of the leading Real Estate companies in Delhi NCR offers advisory services in the real estate market, to investment trusts, family offices and to individual investors across the world.

Our experienced team of real estate consultants, advisors, and agents work closely with the owners of real estate to develop customized solutions for them.

Our property advisors and consultants also work with local and international real estate agents for residential/commercial buying and selling services along with leasing and property management services. We have expert teams specializing in property facilitation services and real estate investments, matters related to real estate taxation and audit services, legal, liaising and estate planning.
The best houses will rarely be found on the websites of selling agents. To unearth this (un)real estate requires an exceptional and extensive network of contacts, along with a great deal of determination and tenacity. We adopt a pro-active approach combined with old fashioned legwork to identify and secure the right house for our clients. We aim to consistently deliver amongst the best private information in the market. But we are also realists. However good we are, we can’t guarantee to always have this information before anyone else. For example, in Delhi NCR alone there are several hundred ‘buying agents’, so anyone making such a claim is not being honest with their clients or themselves.
These principles guide our actions so that each client is treated with utmost care and respect. Buyers and Sellers are kept abreast of all aspects of the transaction through the transparent negotiation process in which all parties have full disclosure. We are not afraid to turn business down and strive to only work with clients who understand our values, ethics and competence.
Our representation provides credibility, strength and value to ensure our clients succeed. It is our fundamental belief that all equity at the point of sale belongs to the Seller and all future profits without litigation belong to the Buyer. Our expertise in negotiating has resulted in solutions where all parties have become winners.

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